About Us

L & M Arena welcomes you.  Lori and Mike Shannon met over 12 years ago and knew what they both wanted - to be around some of the best people on this earth, and help others enjoy the sport of rodeo.  With Lori’s ability to teach, she teaches both horses and people. One of the horses she has taught, Jacks Little Hustler, who she raised and trained, won the 2004 BBR 5 D World with Lori at the helm. She is still helping and teaching others the fine art of barrel racing,

Mike comes from a roping back ground, his Granddad raised  a whole family of ropers, with which Mike gives credit too for learning the basics of horsemanship and roping. “There is not a day goes by that I thank God and my family for what they have gave me”. Thanks Uncle Olen Tevebaugh, and Uncle Clayton Tevebaugh  and of course Grandpa Tevebaugh. Not to forget my own parents, Jerry and Alberta Shannon for instilling in me the ability to use my talents to help others.

We continue the tradition of helping others with roping and barrel racing, by providing a facility that is user friendly with a 200’ X 400’ lighted arena, where the L&M Arena Playdays are held every Tuesday night during the months of June and July, where we cater to the young people just starting out, we are here to help and have FUN! 

We act as brokers for all kinds of horses, Call us if you need to sell or are looking for any type of horse, we can find that horse for you!  Our networks of friends are priceless!

Again, we look forward to the coming year with a lot of enthusiasm and making new friends and enjoying the friends that we have made the last 12 years.

The Shannon’s
Lori, Mike & Megan